Leveraging Enterprise Level Business Solutions

Meramak is an established leader in the merchant services industry. As a registered ISO, our affiliations with large financial partners and processors allow us to offer new and exciting programs while maintaining competitive pricing and exceptional customer satisfaction.

The Perfect Restaurant and Retail Soultion

Meramak, with our partner, has combined state-of-the-art electronic cash register (ECR) equipment with integrated credit card processing to deliver the ultimate payment solution, completely free of charge!

A Virtual Payment Solution with Flexibility

A computer and an Internet connection are all you need to easily initiate ACH, check, credit card, or debit card transactions through our CISP and PCI-compliant Virtual Terminal.

The faster, easier & safer way to pay for your fuel

With our state of the art processing services, we can seamlessly integrate with the latest in pay at the pump payment terminals innovations.

ACH Processing Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Whether you need to accept a one-time payment or a reliable system for automating recurring payments our solution will save your business time and money.



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Mark BerlingMark BerlingSMBLoyalty
We will certainly recommend Meramak to anyone looking for merchant services.
Nichole CoriellNichole CoriellLandryPhotography.com
Lucy was very helpful in finding an account discrepancy from August 2014.
Rory EllinskyRory EllinskyTaste of Smoke BBQ
Working with Lucy has been a pleasure in order to make sure that no stones have been unturned and everything was completed in a timely ...


"The simplicity of Meramak’s service is most enjoyable.  Getting this service so quickly made us very happy."  And the biggest benefit we have received is ...


"The training on the new credit card products made the transition to the new process easier.  Your customer service is outstanding, very professional and knowledgeable.  ...


Rodalle D’AmatoRodalle D’AmatoBounce Factory
“What I like about Meramak's service is "direct contact with a company representative .  No going around and around with voice mail.  Courteous and very ...


Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. , Cheryl AldridgeMetropolitan Health Networks, Inc. , Cheryl AldridgeMetropolitan Health Networks, Inc.
"What I like most about the services offered by Meramak is the quick and courteous response I get from my customer service representative. For approximately ...



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