Some Key Features

  1. Can run a points based program.
  2. Can run a currency based program.
  3. Can run a tiered program that delivers rewards when target spending volumes are reached.
  4. Can combine a loyalty and gift program on the same card.
  5. Will work in a multiple locations and/or different businesses on the same program.
  6. SMS and/or email messages can be sent when a customer enrolls or receives a reward if the customer is opted in to receive marketing messages.
  7. Turn your customers into a loyal Sales Force!

Reasons why you should implement a Loyalty Program!

  •  “Keep customers from defecting” Lock them in with the rewards they are accumulating.
  • “Win greater share of wallet” Provide incentives through loyalty programs and encourage consumers to direct their purchases towards you instead of your competitors.
  • “Prompt customers to make additional purchases” Customers close to achieving goals can be enticed to buy more than they would have without a loyalty program.
  • “Turn a profit” Successful loyalty programs lead to an uplift in sales numbers.
  • “Enhance the overall value-proposition of the product or service” Loyalty programs enhance the value of the product brand and “neutralize a competitor’s program.”
  • Tool for collective advertising and cross-business promotions  In a coalition loyalty program (two or more business cooperating in a single program) besides sharing costs on promotional materials, the group of businesses can advertise cost-effectively through the loyalty program.
  • Attract new customers:  For small businesses, especially ones with little brand awareness, this is a particularly valuable function.  When looking for a new business, when everything looks the same, for many consumers the existence of a reward program can be what makes the difference between buying from one place or another.


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