Working with Lucy has been a pleasure in order to make sure that no stones have been unturned and everything was completed in a timely manner for my business. She truly goes the extra mile with customer service, in a day where many other companies have seen to put Customer Service as a number 2 priority.

Lucy has really put Meramak at the front line along with Taste of Smoke BBQ in order to assist with my business financial needs.

Rory Ellinsky

“The simplicity of Meramak’s service is most enjoyable.  Getting this service so quickly made us very happy.”  And the biggest benefit we have received is “having a system the whole office can use easily.”

Louie Cellona

“The training on the new credit card products made the transition to the new process easier.  Your customer service is outstanding, very professional and knowledgeable.  The extra friendly follow-up was excellent.


Peggy Maginley

“What I like most about the services offered by Meramak is the quick and courteous response I get from my customer service representative. For approximately 12 years I have been dealing with Meramak. I have dealt with two customer service representatives during those years. The first one got a promotion which lead to my current CSR. We have credit card terminals in our various 20 locations, and usually my contact is the one who deals with the office managers at our locations when they have any problems with their credit card terminals. So, it’s nice to have the customer service representative on the phone who is pleasant and knows your accounts. It’s important to build a rapport with a vendor who you deal with. It’s nice to know that you can count on that CSR (and his/her support team) and they can count on you as well!

There has been a couple of times that one of the offices called and the CSR contacted me to let me know that this specific office was having a problem with their credit card terminal not batching out for a few days. I thanked him for letting me know since the outside office never mentioned to me that they were having a problem. “

Metropolitian Health Networks, Inc., Cheryl Aldridge